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Highway Getaway: Chase TV – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Highway Getaway: Chase TV is a new lane-based street racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to speed for as long as you can on a highway, avoiding collisions and the cops, catching the refueling truck and completing various missions. You can win cash, gems, and even free cars, which are based off of real cars despite having fake names. Read on for some tips and tricks for Highway Getaway: Chase TV!

Even though you have a limited number of collisions that you can withstand before your run is ended, there are a few caveats to that. Run into a police car, and your run is over, period, no matter how many collisions you have left. On the other end of the spectrum, if you side swipe a car and you are ahead of them, you won’t get charged with a collision; however, you will if you are behind them.

In fact, when you complete a successful sideswipe like that, you will earn cash. For each consecutive one that you pull off, you’ll earn even more cash for the hit. Once you are done with the round, you’ll have the option to double your money by watching a free advertisement video. This can be worthless if you had a bad run, but if you had a good run, this can be extremely lucrative.

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Hit the missions area to see a list of tasks to complete in exchange for a reward. You can skip missions by paying cash, as well. Complete the missions and you will be able to unlock free gems and free cars, along with other rewards. Once you complete a set of missions, you will be given a new list of missions, with additional rewards.

Purchase a fuel consumption upgrade and you will use less fuel, enabling you to skip a fuel truck and still be able to keep going if you’d like after enough upgrades. Upgrade your wheel traction to move over faster when you tap to the left or the right, making for more predictable movements and easier close-calls. Upgrade the duration of your nitro to make the nitro last longer after you use it.

Play the lottery often for free cash, gems, and other goodies. You can get as many free spins as you want. Once your initial batch of free spins runs out, you’ll have to watch an ad video for each free spin, but you can keep doing them for as long as you want for more prizes. You’ll have to shut down the game and then open it back up again if the free spin button gets replaced with the “Spin: 6 Gems” button. Once you do that, the free spin button will return.