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Rush Hour 3D: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers: Cheats, All Levels, Free Diamonds, and More

Rush Hour 3D is a new casual high-speed chase game for the iOS and Android platforms where your ultimate goal is to get to the end of the level, overtake other drivers (including cops), and to try not to crash your car. You can go through harder and harder levels, earn diamonds, buy new cars, get VIP cars, and more in this game. Plus, you can upgrade your existing cars to increase their stats.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Rush Hour 3D!

Overtaking people is a simple process in this game. If your finger is off the screen, you will be in the right lane. Put your finger on the screen, and your car will move over to the left lane. Move over to the left lane strategically in order to get around cars that are blocking you without trashing your own car.

As you go from level to level, there will be more cars in more precarious positions, and cars will be coming toward you on the left side at a riskier rate. You’re going to have to be more careful, but you’re still going to have to overtake the slow car in front of you.

This game allows for a little bit more chaos and collisions than other similar games deal, so take advantage of that fact and sideswiped a car out of the way if you need to. It’s much better to sideswipe a car then to run headfirst into a car in the left lane.

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As you continue through this game, you will earn diamonds. The winner in diamonds the fastest is to watch advertisement videos, as this game is set up to get you to watch ads. You can also complete various missions, which are in the menu in the top left corner of the screen, in order to earn free diamonds.

Using these diamonds, you can buy new cars and trucks. Generally, there is some performance difference between one car and the next. The biggest difference that will be made is that a smaller car will be a smaller target, making it a little bit easier to weave in and out of lanes. Otherwise, there’s not much of a difference.

Each car will have its own set of stats, though. An alternative to getting a new car is to upgrade the car that you already have, which can be done by using ad videos or by spending diamonds in order to do the upgrade. There is only so much upgrading that can be done to one car, though; eventually, you will have to get a new car in order to continue upgrading.

If you want to go ad-free in this game, you have two options. The first option is to complete the in app purchase for an ad free mode. This will knock out all of the involuntary ads, but will still allow you to watch video offers in order to earn free diamonds, upgrades to your car, and more cars.

The second option is to put your phone into airplane mode before starting the game. Doing this will cut off the Internet connection, which will make it impossible for the ads to load. However, if you do this, you also won’t be able to take out a video offers and earn extra diamonds, so it will be a lot tougher to earn new cars and trucks.


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