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A3: Still Alive – List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

A3: Still Alive is one of Netmarble’s newest RPGs for the iOS and Android platform, and one of their most popular ones as well. Much like other games that Netmarble has released, they have also put out coupon codes, which can be redeemed for free rewards within the game.

Read on for a list of coupon codes, as well as how to redeem them and how to find more of them in A3: Still Alive!

Redeeming these codes is pretty simple. First, you have to get through the tutorial, and then you can redeem them. To do so, start with tapping the hamburger menu button.

Next, tap on the settings button, which looks like a gear. Now, tap where it says “enter coupon“ to get to the area where you enter the code.

Once you’re there, enter your code, or copy and paste it into the text box, confirm it, and you will earn your rewards instantly.

So where should you start looking for codes? The first place to look is on the official social media pages for the game, that are run by the developers. Go there, scroll down the post feeds starting with the newest posts first, and look at all of the pictures and media that have been posted. You’re bound to find a lot of codes this way.

Check all of the social media pages for this game, not just one of them. Codes are sometimes given out as a reward for the page hitting a Subscriber mile stone, so naturally, these codes are going to appear on only one social media page, but not on the other one. So check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and anywhere else that there is an official presence for this game.

Another great source for codes is on the Subreddit for this game. When players are looking for information about games, the first place they’re going to look is usually there, so look for any posts by players who have shared codes. If you have codes that you haven’t seen here, then be sure to share them as well.

Discord chat is another great place to work. Once you find the invite and enter the A3: Still Alive channel, go to the search bar at the top of the screen and type in “codes“, and search. This is an easy way to find messages in the chat that contain codes, if there are any.

Go to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on what platform you play the game on, and look through the review pages. Scroll through reviews from newest to oldest, and look forReviews that have been posted that contain codes. If you don’t see any, then be sure to share some codes of your own in a review in order to get the momentum started.

Gaming videos and streams are a great source for codes, as well. Look through YouTube and Twitch for videos, because game streamers often get exclusive codes that nobody else yet, at least until somebody shares it from their page to another website. You can be the first to get plenty of exclusive codes this way.

As of right now, these are the codes that have been released for the game:

A3TOPAZ – 100 Topaz

A3GOLDBOX – 100,000 gold

A3FEATHER – 30 common feathers of protection

A3REINFORCE – 5 enhancement blessing scrolls

A3MANASTONE – 1,000,000 mana stones

A3STILLALIVE – 300 blue diamonds

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Be sure to keep checking back here, because when new codes get released for A3: Still Alive, we will post them immediately!


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