Hero Ball Z: List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

By | 20200722

Hero Ball Z is a new anime style RPG for the iOS and android platforms by Joycity Corp. it’s an entirely new style of game that combines mobile RPG‘s with shooters, and features characters from the previous smash hit Game of Dice.

Like many mobile RPG‘s, there are plenty of missions and quests that you can go on in order to earn rewards, but some of the most coveted rewards are free, and come from the coupon codes that you can enter.

Read on for a list of coupon codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Hero Ball Z!

First of all, in order to redeem coupon codes, you need to complete the tutorial. After that, find the menu button and then tap on it.

Once you are there, tap the icon that looks like a set of gears in order to open the settings. Underneath that, you’ll find the coupon codes button. Tap that.

Once you’re inside the coupon codes menu, enter your code and then hit the “register“ button. Once you do that, if the code works, you will get your rewards.

Now, we’ll talk about the best places to find more coupon codes. The first place to start looking is in the official social media pages for Hero Ball Z. Follow the Facebook page especially, as this will most likely be the first place that they drop new codes when they’re available.

Be sure not to neglect the other social media pages, too. Check the official Twitter, which is in Japanese, but make sure to have an online translator option at the ready so that you can read the tweets if you don’t speak Japanese. Be sure to watch out for codes to be posted here.

Reddit is also a great place to look for Hero Ball Z coupon codes. Go here and you’ll see codes that other players have posted. If you have a code that you haven’t found here, then post it here, so that other players can use it, too.

One of the most unheralded places to find exclusive coupon codes is on streamers’ channels. Check YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and other sources, and look for streams related to Hero Ball Z.

Often, when you search for streams related to Hero Ball Z, if someone has codes to give away, they will advertise them in the title. So check the titles and the descriptions of whatever videos you can find to see if they are promoting the video by using the promise of codes.

Right now, since this game is brand new, there are no new coupon codes, promo codes, or other sorts that have been given away yet. Keep checking back though, as when we find coupon codes, we will be the first to break the news and give them to you.

Be sure to check the comment sections as well, as when players find codes, they will post them there. If you find a code that’s not here, post it in the comments!

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