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Idle Arena: Evolution Legends – November 2021 Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

Idle Arena: Evolution Legends is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where are you fight through various levels, complete missions against computer-controlled characters, and fight in the arena against other players to determine who has the most powerful team.

Like any good mobile RPG, there are a ton of rewards that you can earn in this game. Some of the rarest and most sought after are the free rewards earned when you redeem a gift code. Gift codes are promotional codes that are given away as a reward to loyal players or as an incentive to get new players to play the game.

Read on for a list of gift codes for Idle Arena: Evolution Legends!

First off, we will talk about how to redeem gift codes. You have to make it part of the way through the tutorial before you can enter gift codes, but not all the way. At some point during the tutorial, you will be able to deviate away from what the game is telling you to do.

Once you hit that point, go to the main menu, then click on your avatar. Hit the options menu, then hit the gift code button.

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Once you do that, a text box will pop up, prompting you to enter a gift code. Enter the gift code, then hit the button, and if the code works, you will automatically be able to redeem the rewards contained within.

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Now that you know how to redeem them, you need to know how to find more gift codes. The number one place to look is on the official social media pages of the game, Facebook, of course, is number one. Often, the developers will share gift codes as a promotional tool or as a reward for experienced players.

However, also be sure to search other social media pages for the game. Twitter and Instagram are typically good sources for gift codes, so scroll down the feeds and follow them so that you can get whatever gift codes get posted as soon as possible.

Another good source for codes is in the review section for the game on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Go to the reviews and look at the newest ones first. Scroll down through them to see if any other players have shared codes.

You can check both of the app stores, even if you only play the game on one of the two platforms. Just use your browser for the App Store that you do not use. Of course, if you have a code that you do not see here, then be sure to share it in the form of a review on one of the two app stores.

Beyond that, be sure to check Reddit and see if other players have posted some gift codes. If they have, enter them to see if they work. If you have a gift code that hasn’t been answered by another player, post it so that other players can use it.

If you find a Discord link, click it so that you can enter the Discord chat for the game. Hit the search bar and enter gift codes, promo codes, or just codes. Look for any post by other players containing codes.

Streamers are another good source of gift codes. Look for YouTube and Twitch videos pertaining to the game. Streamers will often advertise that they have gift codes in the video title or the description, so check it, and then watch the video to see if they have any codes that you can use.

Be sure to check the comments section of any of these sources, especially the social media channels, or YouTube. These are the platforms that tend to have the most active commenters and comments, so if a player found a code and decide to share it somewhere, these sources are as likely as any. That includes checking the comments of this article, too.

These are the current codes that are active in Idle Arena: Evolution Legends:







Even though these are all of the codes that are currently known and released for the game, the developer is always constantly releasing new codes, so be sure to keep checking back here! When new codes come out, we find them, and when we find them, we update this article to add them.


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