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Guardian Tales: List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

Guardian Tales is a mobile action RPG that is a throwback to the games of old, such as the Zelda series or Secret of Mana, and certainly a game that 90s kids will absolutely love. Do you have the multitude of quests that come with mobile RPG‘s, but also the overhead adventure and dialogue similar to the golden age of gaming.

Like with most mobile RPG‘s, there are a ton of quests and plenty of rewards that you can go for; however, some big rewards can be had to simply by entering coupon codes in the right place and then redeeming them for rewards.

Rito on for a list of coupon codes, how to redeem them, and how to find even more of them in Guardian Tales!

First, we will talk about how to redeem coupon codes for prizes. If you are a Android player, then all you have to do is go to the settings menu, and the coupon codes will be right there. You won’t have to memorize anything except the codes.

If you are playing on an iOS device, the rules are a little bit different. First, go to your account settings and write down your user number, or copy it. Then, you will have to go to a separate website to redeem it. The website is .

Once you are there, choose your server, enter your user number, then enter the appropriate coupon codes. You will then redeem your reward.

So where do you find new codes, one of the most common places to look is on the official social media accounts for the game or the developers, or both. They tend to post new codes fairly frequently, and the codes tend to differ by what region you’re playing from.

Check all of their social media accounts, not just Facebook. Be sure to check Twitter, Instagram, and any other official social channels for the game as they are sometimes likely to have a unique code or two that the other channels don’t have.

Another great place to check is on the sub Reddit for the game. Players will ask for codes and post them here, so look for threads with titles advertising codes or threads asking about codes, and see if anybody else has posted any. If you have some that have not been posted here, then be a good citizen and post them, as well.

If you find a Discord invite link, click that link to enter a chat for the game. Use the search bar at the top of the app to search for coupon codes, redeem codes, or just codes, and see if anything pops up. If you have any, then once again, put them in the chat.

Another great place to look is on video sharing sites, such as YouTube and twitch. Streamers and video content creators often get codes that nobody else does, either because they have official agreements with the developers, or because they are all in an arms race to try to get codes first. So check here and you have a good shot at finding codes.

These are the codes that are known that so far for Guardian Tales:

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For Europe:



For Latin America:



For Oceania/Australasia:



Currently, there are no available codes for the Southeast Asia region. Be sure to keep checking back for codes from all regions, as we will have them as soon as they’re added!


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