Plinko Master – Be a Winner: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

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Plinko Master – Be a Winner is one of the most popular games for the iOS platform today, not only for the promise at possibly earning real-life money, but simply for the simple, fast-paced, addictive nature of the gameplay itself. You drop balls down the board, hit green coins and gold coins, and work your way toward the payout threshold.

Alternatively, if you treat this as just a normal plinko game, you can get an almost unlimited amount of gameplay with very few ads, with all sorts of constant action and cool stuff to buy in the store.

Read on for a guide to Plinko Master – Be a Winner!

The method of gameplay is simple. All that you have to do in this game is tap to drop a ball down the plinko board. You hit gold, green, and gray piece along the way; you want to try to hit the green and gold coins and avoid the gray ones, although hitting them a bit might be inevitable sometimes.

The balls are effectively randomized due to how many pins and balls they hit on the way down. You can also drop them as quickly as you want without them running into each other, since balls will go through each other, rather than contacting each other.

Once balls fall down to the bottom of the screen, then they have a chance of falling into one out of five buckets. Four of the five buckets, the stationary ones, have a set prize, and after a ball slides into one of those buckets, the prize then chances.

The moving bucket is the fifth one and is the toughest one to land in, but carries some of the best rewards. This is the slot machine bucket, so whenever you get a ball in, the slots spin for a reward.

Once the slots finish spinning, you will be able to watch a video in order to spin them again, as long as you have a strong internet connection. This is true whether or not you win something on your first spin.

Once you run out of balls, you will be able to get a refill in one of two ways. You can either spend $0.50 of your green coin money on a refill, or you can watch an ad video for the refill. You can do the ad offer up to 30 times per day, but you can spend green coin money as many times as you want.

There are 25 lucky fruit in the game, which can be won via slots or via the other four buckets. If you earn all 25 of the fruit, you’re eligible for the prize, but some of the fruit are MUCH harder to earn than others; which makes sense, considering that 25 different fruit can be cashed out for $1,000.

Can you hack the game? You can certainly try, but the terms of service say that players will not get any winnings if they cheat. So this also rules out any form of cheating, such as doing the time lapse trick.

The best way to get the fruit easily is to tap rapidly, send as many balls into the slots as possible, and then keep buying the 50 cent balls. Do this over and over (green coins will refill your balls as fast as you can spend them) until you win all 25 fruit eventually.

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