Lucky Pusher: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Lucky Pusher is one of the most popular “win money in real life” games on the iOS and Android platforms, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the game promise that you can win money in real life, but coin dozer games are also simple, fun, and addictive.

But there’s been a lot of talk out there over whether the game is a scam or legit. Can you actually win real life money by playing this game? We’ll get into that.

First, let’s talk about how the game is played. You drop coins down onto the board, wait for the pusher to push them forward, and then watch ads for more coins once you run out of coins.

You have some power-ups that you can use, as well. The Wall power-up makes walls go up on the side, preventing anything from falling off of the side of the board. Anything that falls off of the side is worthless.

The shake function shakes the board and drops a huge coin down. This causes coins to fall off of the board at high speed. Combine this with the wall power-up for huge earnings.

Drop the coin into the slots bucket to spin the slot machine. You can win all sorts of prizes here, including green coins and gold coins, and also including fruit. Once you collect each of the 36 fruit in the game, you’ll be eligible for the big prize.

Hit the store area and you will be able to buy new backgrounds and coin styles, as well as redeem your coins for prizes. This includes real-life prizes as well as Amazon gift cards.

The threshold for cashing out is 20 dollars, but once you begin to get closer to that mark, it appears that the green coin count begins to slow down, if not stop outright. Most players never end up making it to the cash out threshold, judging by most of the reviews we see in the app store.

Many players have earned all 36 of the fruit but have not been able to cash out. Likely, this is due to having to earn all of the other redemptions first before you can cash out the fruit redemption. This makes it much harder to get to the goal.

Look a little deeper, and go to the terms of service for the game, which is located in the settings area. You’ll see that the game chooses a winner based on an algorithm at the moment of gameplay, thus making it a “sweepstakes” app. So if you didn’t win the sweepstakes, you won’t win.

So is the game a scam or legit? It’s complicated. It certainly is not as easy to earn money as they make it seem. But it appears there are some winners. These are the ones you see in the ads.

That is also something that is detailed in the terms of service. If you are a winner, you have to agree to be in their ads. So if there weren’t any winners, this likely would not be included here.

Can you reroll the algorithm that determines a winner? Try deleting and then downloading the game again with Game Center or Google Play and then playing again. You might end up getting luckier this time.

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21 thoughts on “Lucky Pusher: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

  1. J. W. G. S.

    lucky pusher is a SCAM. I got all 36 fruits and not only did they not pay me, but when I complained to them about it, they took back the 36th fruit and left me with 35. When you get 20 dollars and want to cash out, they change the cash out to 100.00 dollars. There is nothing legitamite about this game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

  2. Canela

    I got to $98 and since then not a single penny. Very disappointed 🙁

  3. Michael Denman

    I have won two Amazon gifts cards for 4 dollars and have not received them so I am thinking that since they will not pay off the 4 dollars they definitely will not pay off the bigger jackpots.

  4. Donald Mathes

    It took me two days to $95.56 and in three days, not one green coin. Good thing I only wasted five days.

  5. Gary polleu

    Tw0 days now and no green coins beginning to think it is a hoax

  6. Phyllis mclain

    I got to 95.00 last week and I have not seen one penny. When I do hit the slot it lands on no coins just fruit and tokens

  7. S holloway

    Same. Got to 95 And 35 coins. Quit

    1. Jamie DeMarre

      I got to $95.47. 4 days ago. I’ve been trying to prove it’s legit. Nope! Haven’t seen a green coin in 4 days. Don’t waste your time. I’m deleting this and any other game that “pays out”.

  8. Craig

    It has been more than a month since I have received any green coins after getting to 98 dollars. I agree with many of of the comments made regarding the unethical manner in which this game is operated. I would rate this game a zero.

  9. Davi

    $95.67 then no coins in 4 days!




  10. Vanessa Willcocks

    Been playing for two weeks now got one fruit to get and have 94.99 coins all I get now is fruit and tokens getting fed up now😠

  11. Darlene Carter

    Where was my money deposited.I have not received it even though you said it was deposited.Where did u deposit it

  12. mrs Kelly a Bowes

    It is asking for my mobile number am I going to get charged from them

  13. Shauna sherrod

    This game is a scam you will get to $95 plus then no more green coins not only that you will get only 35 fruits then never the last one you need scam scam scam not sure how they get away with it but they do look for a better game they are still getting paid for the game getting downloaded it’s a shame

  14. Debra Akers

    I got to $95.42, but no money coins for days….must be a scam

  15. tanya williams

    I got $95.44 and no more green coins coming since one and half months, seem it’s a scan and also 35 fruits and need one more but not worked since months obviously it’s a scan that lucky pusher should removed app not let people waste their times sucked

  16. Phil macrackin

    Been playing this since it came out I’m stuck at 96.70 and no green coins in weeks also that one last fruit never comes does it or that green 777 that has a 00000.14000 of a chance of appearing and it says in the terms you must complete all tasks and purchases so we must buy everything in the game and get everything before they pay out under there terms and conditions it’s not a scam it’s just impossible to win the odds are stacked against you from the minute you download it the games ok but don’t expect any returns the algorithm for the game makes it impossible to win you have a better chance of winning the national lottery ten weeks in a row

  17. Anthony Edwards

    Yall are full of B.S and I am going to report it to the gaming commission

  18. Alyza

    SCAM SCAM SCAM ..don’t waste your time in this app. 🙄


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