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Coin Pusher: Big Win – Reviews: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Coin Pusher: Big Win is one of the most popular “win money in real life” games on the iOS and Android platforms, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the game promise that you can win money in real life, but coin dozer games are also simple, fun, and addictive.

But there’s been a lot of talk out there over whether the game is a scam or legit. Can you actually win real life money by playing this game? We’ll get into that.

First, let’s talk about how the game is played. You drop coins down onto the board, wait for the pusher to push them forward, and then watch ads for more coins once you run out of coins.

You have some power-ups that you can use, as well. The Wall power-up makes walls go up on the side, preventing anything from falling off of the side of the board. Anything that falls off of the side is worthless.

The shake function shakes the board and drops a huge coin down. This causes coins to fall off of the board at high speed. Combine this with the wall power-up for huge earnings.

Drop the coin into the slots bucket to spin the slot machine. You can win all sorts of prizes here, including green coins and gold coins, and also including fruit. Once you collect each of the 36 fruit in the game, you’ll be eligible for the big prize.

Hit the store area and you will be able to buy new backgrounds and coin styles, as well as redeem your coins for prizes. This includes real-life prizes as well as Amazon gift cards.

The threshold for cashing out is 20 dollars, but once you begin to get closer to that mark, it appears that the green coin count begins to slow down, if not stop outright. Most players never end up making it to the cash out threshold, judging by most of the reviews we see in the app store.

Many players have earned all 36 of the fruit but have not been able to cash out. Likely, this is due to having to earn all of the other redemptions first before you can cash out the fruit redemption. This makes it much harder to get to the goal.

Look a little deeper, and go to the terms of service for the game, which is located in the settings area. You’ll see that the game chooses a winner based on an algorithm at the moment of gameplay, thus making it a “sweepstakes” app. So if you didn’t win the sweepstakes, you won’t win.

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So is the game a scam or legit? It’s complicated. It certainly is not as easy to earn money as they make it seem. But it appears there are some winners. These are the ones you see in the ads.

That is also something that is detailed in the terms of service. If you are a winner, you have to agree to be in their ads. So if there weren’t any winners, this likely would not be included here.

Can you reroll the algorithm that determines a winner? Try deleting and then downloading the game again with Game Center or Google Play and then playing again. You might end up getting luckier this time.

shakonya baynes

Monday 18th of July 2022

this is a flat out scam. the app doesnt even exist in the app store anymore

Lillian Omae

Thursday 2nd of June 2022

I won $ 300 then500 then 1200, waited 7 days to see if my first two cash outs will show in my pay pal account but it’s now telling me about getting fruits to activate the funds into my account. With the amount of adds I have been watching they should be able to pay me. Is there a way they can be sued for false advertising? When they advertise there is no place that says money will be in your account in 7 days it says money will be available in minutes and never do they say one has to get fruits to activate the cash into their account. This is misdirecting people and putting false claims that they pay. If there is a way they can be sued I would really appreciate it.

shakonya baynes

Monday 18th of July 2022

@Lillian Omae, ive needed 1 fruit for the last 5 months. this is an all out slap in the face scam

shakonya baynes

Monday 18th of July 2022

@S. Denise dixon, i will sign up also. this game isnt even in the app store anymore

Kristina Mclaren

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

@Lillian Omae,

I waited the seven days also and now it tells me I have to have 30 fruit and of course I only have 29 and have been playing for the last two days and can get every fruit I already have but can’t seem to get one fruit I don’t have so I can get my winnings. I agree they need to be sued for false advertising and if you anything out on that please contact me at let me know I’ll join you kristinamclaren@yahoo .com

S. Denise dixon

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

@Lillian Omae, if you can sue let me know I will join you I hate liars and liars that waste my time I hate even more