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Racing Fever: Moto – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Racing Fever: Moto is a new iOS and Android racing game where you speed down a freeway, in and out of traffic, and try to defeat the competition, which consists of racers and racing gangs who drive both cars and motorcycles. You can earn coins, buy upgrades to your motorcycle, and fill up your garage with brand new motorcycles as well.

You can upgrade up to five different facets of your motorcycle, and with the proper combination of upgrades, you will be able to beat anybody that you go up against. Plus, you can maximize the amount of coins that you earn per race using multiple factors.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Racing Fever: Moto!

Most of the races in this game are done freeway style (highway or interstate or turnpike style depending on where you’re from). That means that you have to dodge cars, trucks, and other motorcycles, lanes, weave in and out of traffic, and maintain the fastest possible speed for the longest amount of time.

While you want to max out your speed, and you can most of the time by splitting lanes and wedging yourself in between cars when two lanes in a row are occupied, often times you will simply be forced to hit the brakes. Brake for the minimum amount of time possible, slide over as quickly as you can to where you can find an opening, then speed up again and try to max out your speed again.

Various factors will play into how many coins you earn at the end of a race. Of course, there is your main goal in each race, which gives you a large bonus if you beat it. In any race, driving over 100 kph and having near-misses with other cars and trucks will early you extra coins. So the more recklessly you drive in a controlled fashion, the more money you end up earning.

Your most important motorcycle upgrade is to your top speed, simply because it’s the one factor that comes into play even if you make absolutely no mistakes. Acceleration helps you recover from a crash or from having to brake quickly.

Handling allows you to move from side to side quickly in order to split through openings. Even though top speed is most important, upgrade everything about equally unless you find that you have absolutely no need for one upgrade or the other.

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Once you max out your upgrades on the current motorcycle, start saving money to purchase a new motorcycle. It can be the next motorcycle in line, or it can be two or three motorcycles ahead of the one that you drive now, depending on your confidence in the amount of success that you’re having. Skip motorcycles when possible. That way, you’ll be able to unlock more advanced motorcycles faster and spend less money overall.

If you’re behind in a race and you’re coming up on another racer who’s ahead of you, be sure to watch their movements carefully. Because you’re on a bike racing against cars, one slip and you could get knocked clean off the bike. Make as wide of a pass as possible in order to allow yourself room for safety until you pass the racer ahead of you.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022