Motocross Meltdown – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Motocross Meltdown is a brand new motocross racing game by Glu Mobile, Inc, for the iOS and Android platforms. You race one on one in various competitions, such as pure speed, speed and style, trick competitions, and even high jumping competitions. As you move up you get to buy upgrades and better motorcycles, and unlock new racing tiers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Motocross Meltdown!

Even though there are so many different race types, the general directions are the same. Hit start right when the fourth light (the green light) illuminates in order to get a perfect start score. Wait until the circle is inside the ring on the right side of the screen to hit, and if the circle is completely inside, you’ll score a perfect for that segment, too. For tricks, hold down on the button until the green text telling you to let go flashes across the screen.

Cash and gold are the two main types of currency in the game. The story races are the ones that you need to beat in order to unlock the next tier. However, the daily gauntlet, the ladders and the exhibitions are your bread and butter. Play these and climb through the levels, and you’ll earn cash gradually, but if you can beat all of the ladders for a tier, you’ll earn HUGE cash bonuses.

You’ll hit a wall without upgrades, no matter how many perfects you can get in a round. All motorcycle upgrades will help you win the races – engine upgrades will make you go faster, while control and grip upgrades (such as tires, suspension, etc) will help you corner harder and exit turns more quickly. Dropping the weight will increase your speed and decrease your grip, as will engine and exhaust, so make sure to upgrade the motorcycle evenly.

Decals will earn you extra cash for every round that you play. Buy new sponsor decals for your helmet, your bike and your jacket, and while it may not seem like all that much reward money for every race, it does add up.

Upgrade your tricks if you can’t afford anymore motorcycle upgrades for the time being. While they can be easy to forget about, they can put your over the edge in three out of the four competition types (speed and style, tricks, and high jumps). They can help you to win even if you don’t necessarily finish first in speed and style.

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