Baja or Bust – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Baja or Bust is a new motocross racing game for iOS and Android sponsored by Mountain Dew and Taco Bell, as a promotion for Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Your goal in this game is to go from stage to stage winning motocross races, doing tricks, purchasing upgrades for your cars and bikes and even winning real life prizes from Mountain Dew. Read on for some tips and tricks for Baja or Bust!

For earning trophies on each race (AKA: first place), your main goal should be to forget about the tricks and concentrate on the perfect landings. Tricks can earn a lot of coins and are fun to do, but the more tricks you do or attempt to do (and don’t do successfully), the more you get slowed down. Of course, if you crash while attempting a trick, you will instantly be behind almost the whole pack.

For earning coins, go back to a stage that was very easy to score first place on, and play it over and over again, scoring first place again and again. After that, find a stage which you can do loads of tricks on due to many high jumps, because each flip that you do earns you 50 points, while each double flip earns you 100 points.

For most levels that you play, you don’t have to earn a minimum place in order to win. However, for the final level in each world, you have to win first place in order to unlock the next world. Purchase your tire upgrades here as well as your inverted castle, then play the final stage again. Otherwise if that doesn’t help you, keep playing the stage you need to beat over and over until you finally get it.

Don’t get too frustrated, though. Take a break from the game when you feel yourself begin to get overly irritated at the same. Once you are done taking a break, go back to the game play without the detraction of nerves and adrenaline (so try not to drink Mtn Dew as you play this) and you will be able to think a LOT more clearly.

Save up your points as much as possible if you want to get real life prizes, and play the same stages over and over again. It can be a major grind to do but one it’s done, you’ll have something that will still be around when the game loses fun or popularity.