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Guide to Clash of Clans for the iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies – The Beginning

Welcome to the tips and tricks guide to Clash of Clans for the iPhone! This game starts off easily but gets tough VERY quickly, so those who play it have to get tough with it in order to keep up the pace as the game continues on. In this game not only do you have goblin hordes to deal with, but other players as well, as you invade their lands, loot them for elixir, gold, oil and other goods, and annihilate their cities. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clash of Clans!

Early on in the game, you should still have plenty of Gems left even if you spend them to speed up the entire tutorial, so now is actually a good time to make use of them in order to get you up to speed. Your first priority should be to upgrade your Elixir Collectors and your Elixir Storage, because Elixir goes faster than gold does. Every single unit that you spawn will cost you Elixir, so with a bigger Elixir war chest you should be able to keep playing continuously. After your Elixir is pumped up, then you can start focusing on the gold mine and the gold storage.

Next, upgrade your Army Camp so that you can hold 30 units instead of 20, then use all of that Elixir that you have been saving up (and earning from battles) to train Barbarians and fill your army camp with them. 30 Barbarians instead of 20 will give you a much higher chance at winning.

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Whenever you fight people or Goblins, send in a quick Barbarian to a strategic location or two in order to scout for bombs. The worst thing that can happen in a battle is to have a bomb blow up your whole squad, but send one or two units into the most obvious, unobstructed walkways (which is where bombs usually are) to set off any potential bombs can help you avoid getting destroyed early.

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