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Kick the Buddyman: In Soviet Russia – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kick the Buddyman: In Soviet Russia is the latest game in the Kick the Buddy/Buddyman series, which is undergoing a rapid fire transition from premium to free-to-play. In this game, you equip a number of weapons and then use them against the Buddyman, in the most violent ways possible. And of course, all of the weapons in the game are now Soviet-themed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kick the Buddyman: In Soviet Russia!

Every time that you kill the Buddyman, you will be able to watch a video and earn a good batch of free coins. Also, when the time interval counts all the way down, you will be able to collect a free coin gift. Enable the push notifications if you want to be notified as soon as the free gift is ready to earn. Then you will be able to reset the cooldown as soon as possible.

Some weapons kill slowly, and then some kill quickly, but the quickest killer of all is the nuclear bomb. The only downside to using it is that there are no points for the gradual hits on Buddyman that would apply when you use other weapons, as this one is a one hit kill every time. However, your coin earnings are still faster with this one.

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If Buddyman starts to run away and you can’t get him to slow down, then grab him using one thumb or one finger. Then use your other thumb or finger to launch attacks on him. You can also tilt the phone and whatever direction you tilt it in, the gravity will reorient so that everything falls in the down position on your phone.

Like in the other games in the series, you can also torture Buddyman by unequipping all of your weapons, then just poking and tapping him endlessly. However, you can also grab him by the limbs, stretch them out, swing him around or even rip them off if you pull hard enough and yank them far enough apart.

There is a batch of weapons that can only be earned by rating the game on the App Store or Google Play. In addition, the premium weapons, such as the Matryoshka, can only be unlocked by making the premium in-app purchase with the game. Everything else, though, can be bought with good old-fashioned coins.