Game of War: Fire Age Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2 – More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Welcome to part 2 of the Game of War: Fire Age tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Even though building more barracks doesn’t result in any added training lines, more barracks results in being able to train more troops at the same time. The more barracks that you have, the more troops that you can set to train in a row. Build and upgrade enough of them and you’ll be able to train thousands of troops in one training line.

Many times when you open a chest at the bottom of the screen or play the lottery, you’ll earn resources. They won’t go to your resource pile right away – instead, they will be sent to your inventory in the item menu. Save them and use them only when you need them, because if they aren’t in your resource pile, others won’t be able to steal them when they attack you. The same is true for resources that you win during quest rewards.

After your peace period ends, you’ll very quickly start getting attacked and losing your troops. Stop this by upgrading your hospitals and building more of them, since the more hospitals that you have and the more upgraded they are, the more injured troops that they can house at the same time. Upgrade the warehouses more and more to prevent people from stealing your resources.

Another way to hide troops from getting attacked so that you don’t even have to use the hospitals is to occupy an empty area of land with no resources (thus, something that nobody else will want to attack) and send any troops there that you want to hide. Send them back whenever you need them for defense, or simply attack other players from the encampment.

As you do daily quests and earn more crafting items, go to the forge and constantly check out what recipes you have available to you. If you have duplicate items, combine them together to make new items, thus opening up new recipes for crafting.

Before you occupy any forts, forests or other spaces, look around to make sure that no red dotted lines are leading toward it, as that means someone else is about to attack it. However, if you see a red line headed towards someone else’s empire, wait for their attack to finish, and then attack right after they leave, so that the first army will have already weakened their empire’s defenses for you. Also, look for abandoned kingdoms, which continue to produce resources yet have no army. These are easy pickings for resource farming.

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