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Game of War: Fire Age – Defense Strategies, Part 2 – More ways to protect your empire

Welcome to part 2 of the Game of War: Fire Age defense guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Your research can be the key to your defense strategy, especially if you are getting attacked by higher level players. Research the ranged, infantry and cavalry attack and defense (they can be researched many times apiece), and research more advanced troops in order to unlock the ability to train them.

You can research new traps as well, after you research trap building. Once you research the spikes and the boiling tar, you can then research trap attack and defense up to 10 times apiece, followed by 9 different types of advanced traps. The research is expensive, but it’s extremely worth it.

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Train the most advanced troops and traps that you have in order to maximize your defense power. You have a maximum number of troops and traps that you can have, which increases every time that you upgrade your wall or build/upgrade barracks, so keep them upgraded as high as possible in order to max out your troops.

If you are really desperate to catch a break from the attacks, then you can buy a peace shield for either 8 hours, 24 hours, or 3 days, which will give you time to rebuild. These cost a lot of gold, though, and usually you shouldn’t need to use those in order to rebuild your troops. Defense boosts can help, but a fake army, which can throw off enemy scouts by making it look like your army is double its actual size, can majorly deter people from attacking you.

Luckily, an 8 hour boost is available from the alliance store, in exchange for 200,000 loyalty points. There’s even a chance of winning it as an alliance gift or as part of the casino.

If you are a part of an alliance (and you should be), then you can ask them for backup whenever you are getting attacked. Go into your alliance’s chat and request reinforcements, and your teammates (if you have good teammates) will send reinforcements over to help protect your village. You can house them once you build an embassy in your urban area.