Rivals at War: 2084: FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

By | 20130728

Welcome to part 3 of the Rivals at War: 2084 beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Your gear cards can be equipped or unequipped at any point in time. Skill perk cards work similarly to weapon cards except that they can never be unequipped, but like skill perk cards, they can increase a particular skill for a soldier. Skills include damage, health and defense. An “add skill” card adds another skill to the list of skills that can be increased, which you can then increase using another skill perk card.

During the course of battle, your soldiers will be critically injured, run out of tours of duty and retire, or their gear will break. If this happens, their overall score will drop in half. To fix this, you pay coins to fix their gear, or to heal them. The rarer the type of soldier or gear, the more coins that you pay. To bring them out of retirement, use a tour card on them.

Opening card packs in the “Get Cards” column gets you more cards, as does claiming your “quick play” rewards and your Star Maps rewards. Bronze, silver and gold card packs are self-explanatory. They will get you bronze cards, silver cards, or gold cards of random types. Bronze cards are the weakest, silver cards are the second weakest, and gold are the second strongest.

The strongest cards are elite cards, and the only way to get elite cards is by buying one of the premium card packs – the soldier’s pack, the skills pack or the gear pack (there are no elite tactics cards). Even then, most of the cards in the packs will be gold cards. Elite cards will be a rarity.

The final stages of the Star Maps, however, will earn you elite cards. There is only one stage, in the Betelguese system, which earns you elite soldier cards – the other ones will earn you elite gear or skills. There is also a VERY SMALL CHANCE of earning elite cards by claiming the five-win “bonus” from the quick play round.

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Before each round of play, you can pick up to three tactics cards to use in a battle. Most of them will either increase your kills or decrease enemy kills, while some of them will prevent soldiers from being critically injured or losing their gear. You can get away with using zero of them when you play against a team with a much lower team ranking than you – however, the higher their ranking, the more (and better) tactics cards you need to use.

That’s all that’s important about Rivals at War: 2084! Enjoy the game!