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Rivals At War: 2084 – How to get more silver, gold, and elite cards

Rivals at War: 2084 is one of the many addicting card battling games from Hothead Games, and is a direct (and much more futuristic) sequel to the original smash hit Rivals at War. There are four classes of cards in this game, just like in the original. Bronze cards are the most common but the weakest, while silver cards are somewhat common as well, but are more powerful. Gold cards are very rare, but have very high scores, while elite cards are EXTREMELY rare, but extremely powerful. You can’t get elite tactics, but you CAN get elite soldiers, elite weapons and armor, and elite skills. Read on to find out how to get more silver, gold and elite cards in Rivals at War: 2084!

The main way to get more silver cards is to spend coins on silver card packs. With bronze packs you earn no silver cards, but silver packs will earn you ONLY silver cards of all types. These are the most advanced cards that you can buy without having to spend bucks.

Gold cards can be earned mostly by buying the gold card pack, which only costs 10 Bucks to buy. Your cards will be a random mix of soldiers, tactics, skill perks, tour cards, patches and add-skills. If you want to spend even more money, you can get specific types of cards – namely, the soldiers pack for 400 Bucks, the tactics pack for 50, the skills pack for 80 or the gear pack for 200.

Elite cards can be found at random by purchasing one of the specific-card premium packs. There are no elite tactics cards, but elite soldier cards, skill cards, and gear cards can be had by purchasing the premium card packs, although the chances of them appearing can be somewhat slim.

Want to earn premium cards for free, though? Challenge the Quick Battles as often as possible, because every time you win 5 games you get a bonus card pack, which can include any type of card – gold and elite soldier cards included.

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Finally, use the Star Maps mode to complete missions and earn free cards. Most missions earn you a specific type of card (such as gold tactics, silver gear, etc), and the deeper that you get into the missions, and the tougher that the missions are, the better the cards are that you will earn, with the toughest missions earning you free elite cards.