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Game of War: Fire Age – Resource Guide: How to get more food, wood, stone, ore and silver

Resources are everything in Game of War: Fire Age. You can’t train your troops or be a valuable member of your alliance without being able to get an abundant quantity of resources, but even if you do manage to earn plenty of them, you’ll still usually have times where your resources are lower than they could be, or you’re trying to do some new research at the academy or upgrade your stronghold, only to find that your resource total is too low to get the job done. Read on to find out how to get more food, wood, iron, stone, and silver!

Having the resources that you need starts with simply building and upgrading more of your resource buildings. Build farms for food, villas for silver, iron mines for ore, quarries for stone and logging camps for wood. Build more of them, and upgrade them, in order to increase your hourly earnings. Pay special attention to food, because so much of it is consumed hourly by your troops; if you don’t watch out, you might end up with a negative food income per hour.

Attacking other kingdoms is a great way to earn more silver, but usually, other empires will have their warehouses upgraded so high that it’s impossible to earn any of the other four resources from them. Instead, occupy various NPC areas that contain resources. Forts contain silver, quarries contain rocks, farms contain food, camps contain wood, and mines contain ore. The higher the level, the more resources that they contain (they are not guarded by troops), and the more troops that you send over, the more resources that they can carry back to your empire.

Tap on the treasure chests in the lower left corner as often as possible, and play the casino as often as possible, for chances to earn more resources. Once you earn resources, they will show up in your “Items” folder under the “my items” tab. Use them whenever you need them.

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Of course, complete quests as often as possible in order to claim and earn large amounts of resources from the rewards. Each time you complete a stronghold upgrade, you’ll earn a treasure chest, which will contain resources, among many other treasures.

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