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Office Jerk Summer Games Edition: Guide, tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Office Jerk Summer Games is the third game in the ever so simple, ever so popular Office Jerk series (following the original Office Jerk, plus Office Zombie) for iPhone and Android. This one puts everyone’s favorite jerk from the first game as an Olympic judge – the kind who doesn’t pay attention, constantly talks on his cell phone, gives lousy scores, but will certainly accept a bribe. You, of course, have to throw all kinds of objects at him, trying to hit him and elicit all kinds of comedic reactions out of him. Read on for tips and tricks for Office Jerk Summer Games!

To rack up the biggest combinations possible, you should throw bigger or heavier objects at the jerk, as opposed to anything that is lightweight or would easily get pushed around by the wind in the real world. The underwear and the wadded up piece of paper are the most difficult to aim, but the cleats are pretty bad too. The easiest one of the items to aim is the foam finger just because it’s so large, but the soccer ball and the camera are also very easy to aim.

If you are going to spend game bucks on a boost, don’t spend them on the boost until you have a huge combo going. In fact, you should only buy a boost when you have a combo score of above 100 working, but if you get even better at the game and can easily rip out a 200 combo with no boosts later on, then by all means, you should wait until you have a 200 combo to get the boost working.

When the wad of bucks appears for you to throw at the judge, if you miss with it, you don’t lose your combo, but if you aim it so that the judge catches it and throws up a “9” with his sign, you combo skyrockets by about 25 points in one shot.



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