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Office Jerk Checklist Walkthrough: How to complete every item on the checklist

Office Jerk is a popular, stupid, fun game where you throw things at the jerk in your office. One of the biggest challenges is completing the checklist, which earns you the trophy. The trophy, of course, can be thrown at him too. So how do you complete every single item on this checklist? I’ve broken it down, one by one.

“I’m Watching You”: Throw paper at his face a few times. After a few times he’ll glare at you and give you the stink eye.

A Tiny Monster: Throw eggs at him and land a few in a row. He’ll catch the egg and squeeze it and a tiny monster will come out.

Banging the keyboard: Throw a heavy item, such as a computer monitor, at his head until his head gets slammed on the keyboard.

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Broken LCD: Hit his computer monitor with a small heavy object (stapler, blackberry etc)

Broken Window: Throw the stapler or blackberry at the window

Cat Picture Knockdown: Self-explanatory

Coffee Cup Dunk: Throw a cupcake and land it in his coffee.

Coffee Spray: Throw an object and land it in his coffee. If he takes a drink after you do this, he’ll spit it out.

Dizzy Canaries: Throw a small, heavy object (stapler, blackberry etc) at his head. Sometimes, if you land it, canaries will appear over his head.

Dizzy Spirals: Same as above, except spirals will sometimes appear.

Ear Pencil: Throw a pencil at his ear with the fan blowing to the right, and sometimes it will land in his ear.

Eraser Snack: Throw the whiteboard eraser at his head. Eventually, he’ll accidentally catch the eraser in his mouth.

Fan In The Face Scream: Tap the fan and throw it at his head until he catches it right in the face and screams.

Gesundheit: Throw the bag of flour at his face until it hits him and makes him sneeze.

Giant Pie Face Lick: After you complete Pie Face Lick, throw another pie at his head and land it, and he’ll lick it off of his entire face.

Hands on Head taunt: Throw objects and miss until he does this.

Head lump: Toss a blackberry or a stapler at his head, and if it lands, sometimes a lump will form. Computer monitors work too.

Keyboard Facial Imprint: Hit him in the head with a heavy object until he faceplants on the keyboard

Laughing taunt: Throw and miss and he’ll laugh at you

Long Distance Call: Throw the BlackBerry at his head a few times and land a few shots in a row. He’ll catch it and make a call on it.

Monitor to the Face: Throw a computer monitor at his head until he turns around, then throw one and hit him in the face with it.

Nasal Pencil: Throw pencils at his head until one gets lodged in his nose

Paper Tantrum Revenge: Keep throwing a wadded up paper at his head, until he catches it and throws it back at you

Pie Face Lick: Throw pies at his face until you hit him right in his face. He’ll lick the pie off of half of his face.

Poster Smash: Break the glass on the “employee of the month” poster

Scoreboard Toss: Self explanatory

Snickering: Miss and he’ll snicker at you

Water Cooler Squirt: Throw a pencil at the water cooler and if you hit it right, it will pop it and send water shooting out of it.