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Guide to World War for iPhone by Storm8: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

World War is a new iPhone and iPod touch war game by Storm8. It is a war game that plays much like many of the card based browser style role playing games that are out for the iPhone and Android and other systems. You choose between playing as one country out of 5, and whichever country you pick will earn you a certain bonus for picking it. You can then battle against soldiers and alliances from other countries for utmost superiority. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wrld War by Storm8!

Your attacks against other players will be determined by how much attack you have and how much defense they have, and when you get attacked, the other player’s attack and your defense will determine the outcome. Make sure to buy six high attack troops, such as the Harrier Jet, but first buy six high defense troops such as the Frigate in order to prevent you losing money against other players who attack you.

To really up the ante in your battles, build up your alliances. Go to the app store and look for people who have posted their Storm8 ID numbers in their reviews and add them in order to build up your alliance rapidly. You get six extra troops per battle for each ally that you add.

Spend your skill points on energy and ammunition, not on attack and defense since you can always increase the latter two just by getting better troops. You can’t increase energy or ammo by any means other than gaining levels.

Buy as many income earning buildings as you possibly can to earn as much money as you possibly can. Buy the best defense troops that you can in order to stop losing money that you earn while you are offline. This combination will essentially earn you unlimited money.