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Guide to Tower of Fortune: Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Cheats

Tower of Fortune is a new, extremely retro looking slots RPG for the iPhone. You play as a hero whose daughter has been kidnapped by some evil guy who lives in a big, ridiculously ugly tower, and so you have to make your way up the various levels of the tower in order to get her back. This game’s graphics are reminiscent of old Game Boy games, or even of old Tiger Electronics handhelds and Nintendo Game and Watch games, giving it an extremely retro look and feel. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tower of Fortune!

When the hero dies, he goes right back to experience level 1, losing any and all progress that was made. This is what you want to avoid at all costs. When your hero’s hit points drop too low, simply leave the battle by hitting the “exit” button, go to the tavern by clicking on the beer mug at the bottom of the screen, and spin a few times to drink some beer and recover hit points.

If you have low gold, go back to The Root and start grinding for gold. Beat up any enemies there (especially the Reaper, who only has 5 hit points), and then when you spin for treasure, you’ll earn gold. Try to spin for the scum mom, scum dad, or jr. scum, as even through you have to fight them, they are the ones who give you LOTS of gold when you beat them.

If you are fighting an enemy who has too many hit points, and you want an easier one, simply hit the “exit” button in the battle, and then go back to the same battle. The enemy that pops up is totally randomized, so you may end up with a much weaker opponent when you go back. The farther you are on the tower, the more expensive this gets, but it’s worth it to beat one section and unlock another section.

When you are grinding for experience points, rather than for coins, try to fight enemies with more hit points instead of less. The more hit points they have, the higher your chances of spinning for experience points, and the more experience you earn at the end of the battle.