Marble Trax (iOS/Android): Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Marble Trax is a new iOS and Android where you and your marble race against 100 other marbles in a competition for first place. Your goal is to earn as much money as possible so that you can purchase power-ups and upgrades and finish in first place. Read on for some tips and tricks for Marble Trax!

The race takes place automatically, with your marble (and the multitude of others) racing down the level in order to make it first. The marble interacts with the scenery and goes where it will, entirely by chance, so you could randomly have a really slow run or a really fast run. Your only role in it is to use your skills to propel you forward.

Your skills are dash, slime, fever, and freeze. Dash propels you forward rapidly one time, and should be used when you’re going in a straight line with no obstacles in your way. Slime creates a big, slowdown-causing slime and is best used in a narrow passageway or other similarly small area with other marbles, but where you won’t also get stuck. Fever speeds every movement up for awhile and Freeze freezes all of the other marbles on the screen. These two can be used at any time.

Don’t ignore the other three chief upgrades, though. Upgrade your league for a shot at more racers and more balls. Buy extra ball upgrades to run one additional marble per upgrade on every level. This gives you a higher chance at finishing high as your screen will automatically switch to the highest-performing marble. Buy the Race Earnings upgrade to add a multiplier to the amount of money that you earn.

Ad videos can be used for a ton of bonuses here. When you get race winnings or you come back from being offline for awhile, you can double your earnings by watching an advertisement. In addition, if you tap on the Money x2 button, you can watch an ad to double your income for awhile, or if you tap Cooldown x2, you can watch an ad video to double the speed of the skill cooldown for 10 minutes.

If you get sick of the ads, though, turn your phone or tablet into airplane mode in order to make all of the involuntary ads go away. If you do this, all of the voluntary ad offers go away too, so you won’t get bonuses, but the game will speed along greatly.

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