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ZigZag – Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats, Page 2

5) Pick your marble color based on what contrasts best against the background of each stage.
You’ll generally want something with more swirls in it, as opposed to something that is merely a solid color, because the one with more swirls will be easier to see the contrast in. Also, you’ll want a colored marble rather than a grayscale one, especially a bright contrasting color such as yellow.

4) Try tapping with two thumbs.
This is more of a mind trick than anything, but tapping with alternating thumbs often works better than tapping with only one thumb. Tap with a thumb for the direction that you’re changing to. Something about this makes it more intuitive to your mind and makes it easier to get a higher score.

3) Watch out for the color changes.
The color changes can throw you off if you aren’t expecting them, especially around the 400 point mark when the pathway turns white instead of turning a certain color. At this point the only way to find your way is to look at the shadows rather than the path itself. If you are trying to find your way via the path itself, forget it; it’s not going to work and you’re only going to lose track of where to go.

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2) Another trick to get the game to slow down so that you can get high scores
Aside from the usual tricks of using a crappy phone, running as many other apps in the background as you can, or both, a good trick is to start a different game, and then switch out of it just before Game Center appears. Then go to ZigZag and start playing it right after the first pop up. About half the time, the game will be nice and slowed down and easy to play.

1) Hack the game if you need to.
If you’re any good with the code of the game, go into it with a hex editor (the process is different for iOS or Android) and start messing with your high score or with the collision detection (edit it so that you won’t fall no matter what). With the iOS you will need to side load it onto a PC or Mac, use something like iExplorer, then side load it back onto your iPhone or iPad.

That’s all for the top ten tips and tricks for ZigZag! Post your high scores down below in the comment section of this article!
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