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Splash (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Splash is Ketchapp’s latest endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to bounce the ball across all of the platforms without missing and falling off, which will end your run, and the way you do this is by hitting the screen to insta-drop the ball. The game itself takes care of the directional changes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Splash by Ketchapp!

This is an extremely bright game, meaning that at night, if you are playing the game in bed, even with the brightness as far down as it will go, this might bug your spouse, or you. To darken the game, hit the lightbulb in the corner of the menu screen. This changes the background from white to black. If you want to make the game bright again, hit the bulb again to reverse it from black to white.

Watch the shadow of your ball as you are bouncing around. The shadow is very tiny, but it will tell you what position you are in, without flaw. Tap when the shadow is as close to the middle of the platform as possible so that you can drop it and have a lot of room for error. The closer to the edge you are, the better your chance of making a wrong tap and sending yourself into the abyss.

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You can collect coins and then use them to purchase new color palettes for the blocks. The coins appear on random platforms; in addition, if you die, an icon will pop up offering to show you an ad video in exchange for free coins. Tap this whenever you see it for a big source of coins in the game.

Once you have 100 coins you can purchase new skins for your platforms. The balls will stay looking the same but the platforms will change color. This doesn’t change performance or anything else about the gameplay, it just adds a new degree of customization and lets you pick your favorite color when you purchase said color.

However, pick a color palette that’s not too light but not too dark. This makes it easier to see the shadow on the platforms. Picking too bright of a color, or too dark of one, can make it difficult to see the shadow, thus impairing your ability to judge your position before tapping.