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Mr Genius! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Mr Genius is a new platformer for the iOS platform that puts you in the shoes of a hero who looks like a cross between Mario and Superman, as they run, jump, bounce, and fly across pixelated worlds. You have 8 (and counting) stages to play, each one harder than the last, with three different ways of advancing and countless obstacles to blow past. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mr Genius!

There are three modes to this game. Each level begins with the standard platformer mode, where you jump over obstacles and onto platforms. Your goal here is simply to time your jumps right. The toughest ones are going to be jumps over 2 spikes onto a platform (where you have to wait until you nearly hit the spikes to jump) and, of course, moving platforms, due to the timing. Luckily it does not take that long to get the hang of each stage since they repeat themselves every time that you play them.

The second mode, what the game calls the “double jump” mode, is actually much more straightforward than that. It’s essentially Flappy Bird. You can jump in the air, so you have to bounce just quickly enough to stay afloat without ramming yourself into the ceiling or falling to the floor. Watch out for things such as disappearing ghosts.

Finally, the flying mode causes your character to rise when you tap and hold down on the screen and then fall when you let go of the screen, like in games such as Ironpants. This is fairly similar to the second mode, but the timing is even trickier Unfortunately, the flying portion comes toward the end of each level, but practice on the easiest levels and then work your way up to get there the quickest.

Even though this looks a lot like a Mario game, you cannot knock out enemies by jumping on them. If you jump on the various enemies that you see, such as the Bob-Omb or Bullet Bill lookalikes, you’ll die and your round will be ended, so watch out for them and don’t let them hit you, and don’t hit them.

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Even if you have not beaten any levels yet, all of the levels will be available. When you’re having a hard time on easy levels, go to hard levels and play them for awhile, and then go back to the easy levels. When you go back to them, they will seem extremely easy by comparison.