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Simulator Hoverboard – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Simulator Hoverboard is a rather bizarre new game for the iOS platform in which your goal is to use your fingers to control the Hoverboard on the screen. You can either do an endless runner game mode, or you can freewheel and roll the Hoverboard around for as long as you are able to. Read on for some tips and tricks for Simulator Hoverboard!

The “test” mode is the one where you can free roll on the Hoverboard. There is not much to it at all, though. If you press two of your fingers down on the foot pads of the Hoverboard, it will begin moving. If you remove one or both of your fingers from the foot board, it will stop.

The only thing that changes in the test mode is the speed of the board. If you select 1 as your speed, the board will move slowly. If you select 2 as your speed, it will move at a medium rate, and if you select 3 as your speed, it will move quickly.

In the standard mode, you have a rudimentary endless runner game that would have been a better fit for old-school Sidekick phones than for iPhones. Hit left and right to move your board to the next lane. Your goal is to avoid all of the obstacles. You get one point for every obstacle that you avoid.

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You also get an extra point for every obstacle that you jump over. For example, if you pass by two obstacles and you jump over one of them, you get three points. If you pass by them by moving around them, you get two points. So try to jump over obstacles as much as possible, rather than simply moving around them.

Once you get enough consecutive points in one run, you will move on to another level, and then that level will open up in the level select screen. The obstacles will change from level to level; some will be harder to see than others, and sometimes the frequency of how long they will take to show up will change.