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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is a new flight simulator game for the iOS and Android platforms by Fun Games For Free. You get to fly all manner of aircraft from small light turboprop planes to fighter jets and big cargo planes, and you get a number of different tasks to complete as you do this, which allow you to unlock even more cool aircraft. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flight Pilot Simulator 3D by Fun Games For Free!

Whenever you fail a mission you will have the chance to restart from a point to close to where you failed, rather than at the beginning of the level. There are only so many times that you can do this, though, before you end up having to restart at the beginning, because every retry will bring you closer to the point of impact, giving you less of a chance to win. Eventually, it will become impossible and you will have to start completely over.

Oftentimes, takeoffs and landings will be the toughest part of your job. For landings, make sure that you are approaching as perfectly as possible before attempting to touch down. If you are even just a little bit crooked, too high or too low, break out of the approach and turn around when you get some distance out so that you can give it another shot.

For takeoffs, make sure that you are using the right plane, because too big of a plane won’t take off at too narrow or too short of a runway. Sometimes you can get around too narrow of a runway by taxiing around a tight corner before beginning the takeoff roll, but for too short of a runway, forget it – you are going to have to switch planes.

Hit the free flight mode for the quickest way to earn more coins. Of course, it might also be the toughest, so if you have too much trouble with landing and taking off over and over, then go to the mission-based levels and fly them again, especially the special missions. Fly them multiple times if you need to. Earn as many stars as you can and you will unlock even more missions.

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Toggle between single speed and double speed as needed in order to fly as accurately as possible. Use single speed play when you need the most accurate and deliberate play possible, such as during landing and possibly while taking off. Double speed is good for cruising or mild turning maneuvers. As you become more and more advanced at the game you will be able to switch to double speed for a higher percentage of the game.