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Flight Alert: Impossible Landings – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Flight Alert: Impossible Landings is a new aircraft landing simulator for the iPhone and iPad. Your goal is to land a huge passenger jet in all manner of various conditions – from perfect weather and sunny to rainy days with bad landing gear and a blown engine. You can collect coins and gold, buy all of the giant jets, and upgrade them for more power and comfier landings. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flight Alert: Impossible Landings!

With all of the movements you make, the goal is to make them as gradually as possible. Don’t descend too quickly, especially if you have already throttled down, or else you’ll descend out of control and crash. Turns are especially bad as your momentum will carry you farther into the turn than you want to go very easily, so you’ll have to stop a turn far before you think you will.

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Also, turn as gradually as possible; far more gradually than you think you will have to. Make sure that you have the runway in sight as soon as possible; look for the approach lights if it’s rainy or foggy outside, as they will show up far before the outline of the runway itself does. Aim yourself as straight as possible, though it’s still possible to make the landing if you are a bit crooked.

Coins are needed to purchase upgrades. The quickest way to get coins is to play the special stages. Old stages won’t give you much currency at all, but out of all of the previously-won stages, old special stages will earn you FAR more than old normal levels and contract levels will.

Gold can be used to purchase half of the new jets in this game. If you want to earn free gold, hit the “free gold” button with the little video icon and watch videos. After every video you will be rewarded with some free gold. Once the videos run out, play for a little bit and then come back to the videos button and you’ll have more videos to watch.

Generally speaking, in the special stages, you will have to do all of the same things that you do in the normal stages, except FAR more carefully and perfectly. For example, in the bird strike stage, you’ll have to play with the turns a bit to keep the jet straight, since it will pull to the side a bit. With the landing gear broken, you will have to land VERY softly compared to your normal landing tolerance.