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Dune! (iOS/Android game) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Recently, a whole bunch of new unlocks have been added to the game. You can unlock new balls, new backgrounds, or new landscapes. There is still no currency in the game, so you can’t buy any of them, as much as you might want to. If you want to unlock any of the new landscapes, you have to earn them by completing various actions and unlocking achievements.

In general, all of the unlock items perform the same way; all that they do is change the look of the game. Some balls seem to be faster or slower than others, but it’s a negligible difference, if any. In addition, when you unlock the background with the Tron-style lines (Land smoothly 10 times in one game), this makes it easier because it has lines to show exactly how high you have to go for “Too the moon” and “And beyond!”.

One of the tougher and more nebulous items to earn is the star. To earn the star, the game says you have to “go to outer space”. Getting the “And beyond!” isn’t quite enough, but the game won’t outright tell you when you’ve gone far enough or how far to go. To earn this, you have to go far past the “And beyond!”. The distance past that is equal to the distance in between “To the moon” and “And Beyond”. Get that far to earn the star.

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To make it more of a sure thing that you get a smooth landing, let the ball drop a bit from space before you hold down on the screen again. This makes it easier to aim the ball to smoothly land in the next dune, although the ball won’t shoot out as fast or as high coming from the dune.

Keep updating the game as often as the new updates come out, because you never know what will change between one update and the other. The most recent update has made it much easier to get credited with a smooth landing. Even some not-so-smooth landings now get credited as smooth landings, so it’s far easier to keep a streak going and get a high score even if you don’t get a perfect smooth landing.

If you want to build speed really quickly, then in the initial stages of the run, cut the jump off before your ball reaches the top of its trajectory. Send yourself flying back down to the bottom of the screen and into a smooth landing on a dune. Do that a few more times and you’ll be off to the races and ready to shoot to the moon (and beyond!).

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