Hyperscape – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

By | May 13, 2018

Hyperscape is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to bounce from side to side of the cave, avoiding obstacles and spikes and earning a record-beating score to try to win against players from around the world. You can unlock new balls and landscapes, as well as face ever-increasing challenges and difficulties as you delve deeper into the level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hyperscape!

The game goes from down-to-up, and you have to tap on the screen to move to the other side of the screen in order to avoid a spike that has popped up on your side of the screen. If you are more used to side-scrolling endless games, then tilt your phone so that the game moves from left to right instead of down to up, and try playing the game that way. For many players, side-scrolling is a much more comfortable experience.

Balls are cheap to unlock, while landscapes are expensive. The main thing that the two have in common is that they both cost gems. One of the main ways to earn gems is to jump into the “speed up” up-arrows whenever you see them on a level. Do this and you will have a temporary speed boost, obstacles will disappear, and gems will begin to appear. Run into the gems to collect them. Many of them are in the middle of the screen, so you have to jump to get them.

A far easier way to earn gems is to go to the ball-select and level-select menu and watch ad videos for them. Each time you finish an advertisement video, you will earn 50 free gems, and you can watch as many of the ad videos as you want, meaning that you can earn as many free gems as you want, as long as you spend a lot of time watching videos. It costs 200 to buy your average new landscape, so this will allow you to unlock them extremely quickly.

While the balls won’t affect anything besides changing the look of your character, different levels have different characteristics. For example, the storm level goes by somewhat faster than the level you began on, meaning that it’s more difficult, but it also will give you a higher score faster if you are quick enough to avoid the newly-hastened obstacles that continue to appear on the screen.

Scroll around the ball menu, because some of them are unbelievably cheap, but they are mixed into random places, in between more-expensive balls. The reason or this is that some of the balls are used for promoting other games, which will mean that they are available for cheap prices.