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Rolling Sky – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Rolling Sky is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to roll a little ball as far as you can by tilting your phone, avoiding obstacles and pitfalls in the process; however, it’s a whole lot tougher than it looks. The further you get into a level, the faster the level gets and the more obstacles there are. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rolling Sky!

You start off with 20 balls, which are the lives in this game. The game always tell you how many balls do you have left. When the account reaches zero, then you will have to wait for lives to be restored. If you want to get 10 free ones right away, you can choose to watch an advertisement video in order to do so; or, you can make an in app purchase to receive unlimited lives.

There are actually five different levels in this game, and despite what it may look like, all five of them are available to you immediately. You do not need to beat a level in order to unlock the next level. Simply back out of a level, go to the level select screen, pick one of the five levels, and tap it.

In the case of some of the more difficult levels, such as level five, the obstacles consist more of a visual trickery than actual roadblocks. Watch the pattern of the various surfaces and objects on each level and you will easily be able to figure out where you can move to in order to avoid them and get far, eventually making it to 100% on each level.

One of the trickiest obstacles to look out for is the surfaces that fall as soon as you touch them. Pay attention to the texture of each surface; the surface that breaks away has a different texture than the surface that stays put when you cross it. Don’t be fooled.

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Watch out so that you do not overshoot the jumps from side to side when you are hopping from platform to platform. Jumps can be easy to overshoot when you’re flying through the air because you have no idea how far to the side and you have to move at first, but with practice it becomes easier to tell.