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World Chef – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

World Chef is a new resource management and cooking game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to found and expand a restaurant and grow it from a little shack into a huge, world-class fine dining establishment. As you go you can unlock a new land and new shops, hire new chefs to make different types of food, and even unlock a vineyard so that you can grow grapes and make wine. Read on for some tips and tricks for World Chef!

This game is very linear in that specific things always unlocked at specific levels. For example, at one level you will unlock a new chef and a new table, but you won’t be able to build another table or hire another chef until the next level. Stockpile the different types of food and fill as many orders as you can in order to earn experience points as quickly as possible, so that you can buy all of this good stuff.

Filling orders will also earn you coins. The more expensive the food and the longer that it takes to make the food, the more queens that your customers will pay for it. Keep a stockpile of coins so that you can purchase new ingredients, and buy the ingredients as often as you can so that you can continue to keep the stoves and ovens busy.

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Once you hit level seven the market will open up that allows you to trade food and ingredients with other players, as well as trading other items with them. You can choose what price to set a good way to make money is to buy items in bulk at a low price, and then sell them off one at a time for a higher price. You spoke items can also make your profit if you then use them to fill orders, rather than selling them one by one.

When you have a friend who plays this game and connects it to their Facebook, you can visit their restaurant as long as you have your game connected to your Facebook as well. You can’t send each other anything or help each other out, at least not yet, but you can look at each other’s restaurants and get ideas and inspiration for your own.

Make smart use of the diamonds that you get, because you only get a limited amount unless you decide to purchase more using an in app purchase. Don’t spend diamonds to speed dishes up or to purchase an ingredient that you do not have; you can look for the ingredients in the market if you need them immediately, or search other players’ stores. Time is cheaper than money when it comes to finishing up dishes.