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Chef Wars – Tips and Tricks Guide: All Recipes, Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Chef Wars is a new cooking RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to travel around the world, picking up ingredients and new recipes, and then participating in cooking competitions across the world, looking for the best challengers and then beating them. You can earn cash and gems, and then use them to upgrade recipes and add to the recipe book. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chef Wars!

Early on in the game, the first thing you should do is explore, find new ingredients, and invent as many recipes as possible. You’re going to need a lot of them in order to stay competitive, especially across cities in different countries, so the more recipes you can find early on, the better.

When you put ingredients together, you’ll be given a probability of coming up with something. Generally, if you’re over 50 percent you’re good, unless you have a lot of the ingredients that you’re using at hand; then, if you are over 34 percent, you’re good, because you can try recipes over and over again until something sticks and you come up with something.

For many ingredients, using the same set of them multiple times can result in multiple different recipes, and sometimes those different recipes can even be of different nationalities. So if you are coming up with recipes quickly using a specific set of ingredients, try the ingredients again and you might come up with something else.

In the cooking competitions, typically the judges will be looking for a set of three keywords. One will be a nationality, and the other two will be traits to the dish – one will be flavor profile and the other will be some auxiliary trait (e.g. rustic). The more of these you match, the higher your score will be with the judges.

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However, these are not the only things deciding what your score will be with the judges. You’ll also have to take into account the strength of the recipe, which will be expressed in a number. The higher the number the stronger the recipe will be. This means that oftentimes even if your recipe meets only one of the requested traits, or even none of them, a higher recipe strength can mean a higher score from the judges.

For an all-recipe guide for Chef Wars, check out this document. There are 900 total recipes, and this doc continuously updates as the new recipes are found.