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Rainy Attic Room: All Ingredient Locations, Cooking Guide, and Sleeping Cheat

Rainy Attic Room is a game where you have to help your depressed friend slowly warm up to you and to the rest of the world. You can increase their familiarity which well caused them to open up, talk to other people, be willing to do more, and become closer friends with you.

One of the things that really helps your friend is cooking, which can be done using ingredients that you can either purchase or find when you are out and about.

You also have the ability to unlock a bed so that you can sleep, but what does sleeping do, why does it take so long, and how do you make it take last time?

Read on for locations for all of the ingredients, a guide to cooking, and a guide to sleeping and using the bed properly in Rainy Attic Room!

The first thing that you can unlock out of all of these is the bed. You can unlock that by clearing out all of the boxes on the left side of the upstairs room. Once you unlock the bed, you will be able to go to sleep immediately.

Sleeping lasts six hours of time in real life, so it’s best to put your character to sleep when you yourself are about to actually go to sleep. When your character is sleeping, you will be able to tap Stardust in order to collect rainwater and hot water. Additionally, your character will automatically earn both of these things.

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There is only one way to end the sleep of your character early, and that is to use the time lapse cheat in order to fast forward the game by however much time is left. If you do use this cheat, though, then be sure not to talk to your friend and to have a full set of talks, though, so that you don’t mess up the timer. And be sure to set the time back to normal after you are done.

Cooking is something that you will be able to do when you unlock the downstairs room. Clear the boxes in front of the ladder in order to unlock the ability to go downstairs. This can only be done once you level up to a minimum level of 3.

At first, you will only have a camping stove and a small icebox in your downstairs room. The camping stove is what you can use for cooking, and the icebox holds the ingredients. When you have an ingredient, it stays in your icebox forever; there is no need to go out and get the same ingredient multiple times.

As you progress further into the game, you can upgrade your icebox into a refrigerator, and you can upgrade your camping stove into a real stove and oven. This will allow you to hold more ingredients and to cook more different types of dishes.

Many of the ingredients will be available to purchase in the city and the park when you unlock them up, which you have to be level 6 in order to do. There are some ingredients that will not be available to purchase, though; you will have to try to find them instead. Examples of this are:

Seaweed: go to the ocean and tap on the buoy to get the seaweed.

Mushroom: go to the forest area of the park and tap on the box in order to get the mushroom.

Oak leaf/maple leaf: go to the park and then to the forest, and tap on the green bush to the left of the tree. It’s in a place where the squirrel usually sits.

Popsicle: you can find this randomly at the beach.

Octopus: you can find this randomly on the beach as well.

Some of these ingredients are seasonal, while other ingredients are permanent, so if you don’t see a blank space on your ingredients list for some of the above ingredients, then that’s the reason why. New seasonal ingredients get introduced as the seasons change in real life. They tend to correspond with northern hemisphere seasons, rather than southern hemisphere seasons.

You need to first purchase the cooler at the park, and then go to the city and purchase the refrigerator in order to be able to buy ingredients. The ones that you have to find, can be collected no matter what kind of cold storage you have, but you’re going to have to unlock the park in the city anyways in order to be able to find them.

The city is where you can purchase better cooking equipment, which will allow you to cook more different types of recipes. Different recipes cost different numbers of hearts to cook. Cooking will increase their familiarity bar of your friend faster than ordering takeout as well.


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