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Rainy Attic Room – Guide to Unlocking Everything and Leveling Up Quickly

Rainy Attic Room is a game where you talk to and interact with your friend who is a shut-in that battles with depression, helping them to eventually be ready to interact with the outside world. In this game you can collect hearts, talks, rain water, and hot water, all of which can be put toward the purpose of helping your friend.

You start off with only the upstairs room do you spend time in, but as you gain experience levels, you unlock more areas, starting with the downstairs, but including even more. Experience levels come slowly, but there are ways to speed it up.

Read on for a guide to gaining levels quickly, a list of all of the areas that you can unlock, and how to unlock them and what level in Rainy Attic Room!

Leveling up requires filling the familiarity bar all the way to the top, as well as completing a specific list of tasks, usually involving upgrading a piece of furniture to a certain level. Leveling up can seem rather time-consuming, but there are ways to speed it along.

Talking to your character adds one notch to you the familiarity bar. Eating takeout, cooking, and other activities that cost hearts also fill the bar; for each heart that you spend, you fill it by one notch.

The first thing that you can unlock is the downstairs area. You have to upgrade your little depressed character to level 3 in order to have a chance at accessing the downstairs. You can go down there one time during the tutorial, but after that, you won’t be able to do that anymore.

Once you upgrade your character to level 3, you will be able to clear out the boxes that are blocking the ladder. In order to do this, you will need to spend 10 hearts, but hearts should be plentiful after spending all of that time talking to your guy. One tap clears out both of the boxes, which will allow you to go downstairs.

Downstairs is somewhat similar to upstairs, except that you have a significant amount of stuff that you can upgrade and purchase. Additionally, you will be able to cook and to gather ingredients. You need the right ingredients in order to cook certain dishes, but when you cook, the familiarity bar goes up for your character, allowing them to level up more quickly.

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Ingredients are also a thing that sticks around, no matter how many times you use them; you will never need to go back and get the same ingredient twice. Cooking is just like ordering takeout in that there is a cool down timer after you cook, and you need to wait for the timer to go down before you can cook again.

You also have more ways to collect rainwater and hot water. When you see dust balls rolling across the floor, tap them in order to collect both. Just like upstairs, spiders will also show up, which you can tap in order to gain rainwater and hot water.

On one side of the downstairs, you will see a collection of boxes that you have to be level 6 in order to clear out. This level takes forever to get to, but it’s worth it due to what you are able to unlock when you hit that level.

At level 6 you will be able to clear out the boxes downstairs. Once you clear them out, you will be able to leave the house. There are multiple locations that you can go to once you leave the house, including the park, the city, and the sea.

All of these locations provide you with new items to tap and collect; some of these items will give you rainwater and hot water to spend in your house, while other items can be used as ingredients for the dishes that you cook. For example, when you click on leaves that are blowing around in the park, you get rainwater and hot water.

Additionally, other opportunities open up; once you unlock the park, you will be able to adopt a pet for your house, or even multiple pets. After you unlock the city, you will be able to do all kinds of new shopping, and even talk to other people.

Another bonus is that when you unlock the city and go there, you can take the bus to go to the sea. The sea is similar to the park in that there will be new items to collect and new ingredients to pick up for your dishes.

You have to spend 20 hearts in order to go outside. Luckily, by the time you get to level six, unless you have actively been blowing all of your hearts, you should have plenty of them to spend. Try not to spend too many hearts on eating takeout, even though it’s an easy way to level up quickly.

As you level up and continue to upgrade all of the furniture and decorations in your house, you will notice the game becoming more and more colorful. By the time that everything in your house is fully upgraded and your level is max out, your room should end up being just as colorful as the park and the beach, if not more so.

Your character’s maximum level is level 12, but as of right now, there is nothing new to unlock in the game after level 6. The main things that happen when you level up beyond this are changes in the dialogue and how your character can interact with other characters, due to the fact that their depression is fading away and they are starting to open up to living a more active life.

As of right now, these are all of the things that are available to unlock. More might be added to the game as new updates come out, though, so be sure to check back when that happens, because we will try to get the latest unlocks posted as soon as possible! If you have more tips on how to unlock things that have not already been added to this article, then be sure to post them in the comment section below.


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