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Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

One good way to get free coins and gold bars is to complete the trophies. If you see a number next to the trophy icon, then you have some bonuses to claim. If you don’t see a number next to the trophies, then you can still go to the trophy menu and see what the requirements are for the next trophy or the next set of trophies.

A lot happens once you reach experience level 6. When you do, you will unlock expert mode, which means that you can go back to every level that you have beaten for a brand new challenge. On each level, you can earn two bonus stars to go with the initial three stars. Each one comes with its own special bonus.

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Another thing that you unlock when you reach experience level 6 is the prep kitchen. Here, you will be able to come and research and prepare new recipes, as well as attract new VIP customers who then show up in levels, and earn new boosts. AKA, more ways to earn extra coins and earn stars.

Once you hit EXP level 9, you will unlock the Farm Market, where you will be able to buy, sell, and trade ingredients with which to research and cook new recipes, as well as manage your ingredient inventory. So in essence, this brings a bit of that Hay Day element in, where you manage your quantity of ingredients and buy and sell as needed.

After you unlock Prep Kitchen, you will unlock Prep Duels as well. This is where you can challenge your friends to duels to see who can score the best in a particular round. This is a good way to practice your speed strategies, which you can then take to the main stages and use to get as many stars as possible.

A coming update will bring Chef Clubs to the game. They haven’t given details as to what this will consist of, but expect to be able to form a club with other players (both real-life friends and random friends), where you can do even more intense ingredient- and recipe-trading. Chef club battles may become part of the equation as well, where clubs can compete clan-war style.

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