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Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay is a new game in the Dash franchise (featuring Diner Dash and Cooking Dash) starring you as a chef who is being trained by Gordon Ramsay to become a top chef for a fictional reality show. Your goal is to play through levels, cooking increasingly complicated dishes at a high rate of speed while Ramsay nudges you along, and because this is Gordon Ramsay after all, there’s some profanity here to go around.

You can collect coins and gold and upgrade your kitchen to make it easier to survive the intense speed at which you have to cook and serve. Read on for some tips and tricks for Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay!

The biggest thing to remember is that you can hold two trays in your hand at all times. A tray contains the food plus a drink, so you can hold up to two dishes and two drinks at a time.

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Take advantage of this, preparing dishes and serving them while minimizing the actual movement that your chef has to make so that you can cook and serve more quickly.

You can get free coins or gold at any time. Tap the plus signs next to the coins and gold counters to go to the in-app purchase section, then hit the free coins or free gold options. With both of them, you can watch videos in order to earn more coins or gold. Gold also contains special offers that you can complete in order to obtain more gold for free.

Before you purchase an upgrade to your kitchen, take into account where your biggest bottlenecks are. Upgrade your grill to speed it along or to cook multiple dishes at once, and upgrade your various condiment stations in order to speed them along. Upgrade individual pieces of food in order to increase the amount of coins that customers pay for dishes containing those items.

Supplies are needed in order to play a level. If you run out of supplies, you can ask your friends for them on Facebook, or spend your gold on supplies after you earn it from videos and offers. If you don’t have any friends who play on Facebook, look for more people to add on the comment section of this page as well as on the Google Play and App Store review pages.

Or, if you do not mind cheating for extra supplies, go to the date and time settings on your phone once the supplies are up, and set the time ahead by an hour or two. Then go back to the game and your supplies will be restored. Once you do this, you can go back to the settings and set the time back to normal, and when you go back to the game again, your cheated supplies will still be there.

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