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Diner Dash Adventures: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Diner Dash Adventures is the latest game in the Diner Dash series starring Flo and friends for the iOS and Android platforms. You play level after level of stages where you serve customers with a quickness, but you also have a restaurant to rebuild.

Like in games such as Gardenscapes, you can earn stars and coins for playing levels, which can then be spent on pieces of your restaurant. Or, you can simply play as many levels as you want or as long as you want.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Diner Dash Adventures!

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The gameplay is much the same as it has been in the rest of the series, with a few changes. You take orders from customers, wait for food items to cook, and then serve them, or for ready-to-serve items such as donuts, you can serve them right away. The quicker you serve them, the better you’ll do in the round.

A new element that’s been added to the game that wasn’t in previous Diner Dash entries is color matching your customers to the tables. Put blue customers at blue tables, for example, and put red customers at red tables. This won’t always be possible, but do this as much as possible.

Your customers have a heart over their heads, and the hearts start off full if you color match them, but lose a little bit of luster if you match your customers with a different-colored table. You can still succeed with the heart disadvantage, but it will be tougher to earn all of the possible stars on each level.

To earn more stars, you have to earn bigger tips, and to earn bigger tips, you have to satisfy every customer as quickly as possible. Get their orders taken, get them served, and get them out as soon as possible for the biggest tips.

In between game rounds, you can upgrade your various stations, such as the orange juice machine, the donut display, and the burger grill. With each upgrade, each station takes a shorter time to produce the product or has a higher capacity, much of the time. But with every upgrade, the amount of coins earned per item served increases, making it easier to earn all of the stars for a level.

You have a number of quests to complete at a time, each of which involves fixing up the diner somehow, whether it’s painting it, cleaning up trash, or renovating the outside. You don’t have to spend coins for any of them; they cost stars. So you have to earn stars in order to do anything with the diner, but you won’t have to spend any coins.

To upgrade the actual stations at your diner, you need to spend both coins and gems. Coins are easier to get than gems are; you earn them for every round you complete. Gems, though, are a bit tougher to earn. If you are strictly free-play, you can spend coins to earn gems, but they do require a lot of coins.

Your main way to earn more gems is to spend money on in-app purchases, but you can also earn free gems for completing various offers in the store. Some of the offers require you to spend actual money; others are free and require you to complete free offers, surveys, or to watch video ads.


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