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Talking Tom Hero Dash: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Talking Tom Hero Dash is the latest endless runner for the iOS and Android platforms by Outfit7, the creator of Talking Tom and friends. This game puts Tom in the role of a superhero whose goal is to run through the city, make it as far as possible, and defend the city against various supervillains.

You can earn coins, gems, outfits, power-ups, and more in this game, and while there are a lot of unnecessary ads to navigate through and avoid, some ads can earn you giant bonuses.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Talking Tom Hero Dash!

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Your main strategy to get as far as you can and to earn as many coins as possible is survival. Watch all of the obstacles so that you can get a read on how to avoid them. Look out ahead of where you are to see where they pop up, and then avoid them. You’ll have no chance of being killed.

Your secondary goal is to earn as many coins as you can, and to knock off as many villains as you can. You can knock off villains by running into them, jumping and then swiping down to slam down and do AoE damage, or by simply landing from a high jump, which also does AoE damage. Either way, villains are not that dangerous, so just run into them without any fancy tricks and you’ll knock them out.

You can earn three varieties of chests; regular, super, and ultra chests. Each one has its own blend of power-ups. Regular is the most common, and can be earned just by watching an ad video. Super chests, which have rarer materials including gems, can be earned by spending a large number of coins. Earn ultra chests by spending a large number of credits.

On the main screen, exclamation marks will appear next to some items that are ready to collect or that are important, but they’ll also pop up next to a couple of unimportant things. Ignore them when they show up next to the controller icon or the cart icon. The controller icon tries to convince you to download more games, while the shopping cart icon encourages you to buy.

When they pop up literally anywhere else, though, follow them and see what you have available. You’ll either have something that is now available to buy, or something that can earn you coins, currency, credits, or bonuses.

Most of the video icons in the game will be useless, but tap on the jumping chest in the background of the main screen to earn coins and gems. A video will play, and then when the video is done, you’ll have all kinds of earnings to come back and collect from.


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