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Talking Tom Candy Run: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Talking Tom Candy Run is a new endless runner from the Outfit7, the makers of the My Talking Tom/Ginger/Hank/Angela/etc franchise with all sorts of virtual pets and games. In this game, your goal is to run was far as you can, collecting power ups and candy, as well as coins so that you can get new characters and upgrade your existing ones. Read on for some tips and tricks for Talking Tom Candy Run!

Your main moves are jumping, double jumping, and sliding. There aren’t a whole lot of obstacles that tend to get in your path, but don’t let that catch you off guard. When an obstacle does get into your path, don’t get lulled into a false sense of security. Jump or double jump, or slide under it.

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There are a number of power-ups that you can collect as you go, such as the magnet, which will draw all candy and coins toward you. When you see the stacks of bubbles, collect those too, because those will turn you gigantic, and when you turn gigantic, not only can you collect more candy and coins at once, but you will also break through all obstacles that you run through, making you invincible for awhile.

You can win chests from playing games, watching ad videos, spending coins, or spending gems. Depending on the rarity of the chest, there will be rarer cards and more cards, as well as varying numbers of coins and gems. Earn enough cards and you can get a new character; earn enough coins and you can upgrade the ones that you already have, making their powers last longer.

Also, make smart use of your pet in the levels. Each pet has their own specific power, such as unicorns dropping candies, and they can be upgraded with coins or unlocked with cards, as well. Open all of the chests that you can possibly come across for the best chance at earning new pets, or being able to upgrade your pre-existing pets.

You can use up to two characters and one pet per run. Your second character will take over after your first character crashes out, but watch out so that you don’t crash out a second time shortly after. If you pick a pet that gives you a second life after the first time that you crash out, then that gives you a total of three chances in a single run. And then when your run is done, you can watch an ad video to start it right back over, so at most, you could get six entire chances per run.