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Yes Chef! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Yes Chef! is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Halfbrick Studios, the company best known for Fruit Ninja and Subway Surfers. This match-three game puts you in charge of making recipes in a restaurant kitchen, and to do so you’ll have to collect a certain mix of ingredients in a certain number, as well as collect cash and coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Yes Chef!

The gameplay is much the same as Candy Crush but with a few twists. You can match three, four or five shapes. If you match four shapes in a row you get a special ingredient that can break pieces in a + shape. Match an L or a T or a + (five pieces) to get an ingredient that knocks out a 3×3 box, and match five ingredients straight will get you a rainbow ingredient that can knock out any color.

Matching any of these pieces will make for fun effects. Match the + and box ingredients to knock out one row of three and one column of three. Match the rainbow piece with either piece to turn all of the color that you mix it with into either a box piece or a + piece. Match two rainbow pieces in order to knock out every single piece on the board. Match two box bombs to knock out a 5×5 box explosion.

When you run out of energy, you won’t be able to play until it all comes back, and you have a total of 15 energy to begin with. If you want to restore it all right away then all you have to do is go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then go back to the game and it will all be restored.

At any point after that you can go back to the date and time settings, set the time back to normal, and then go back to Yes Chef! and all of that cheated extra time will still be there. You can do this trick any time that you want to, as many times as you want to, in order to keep playing indefinitely.

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Get stuck in a tough stage? Generally, what will get you through it about 90 percent of the time is to start making combos of 4 pieces and 5 pieces, making the special ingredients listed above, and then saving them up on the screen until you can mix them together. This will get you out of most jams, although the stages can be so individualized that you will have to use them in different places and positions to make them work most effectively.