Idle Cook: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Idle Cook is a new idle restaurant-management game for the iOS and Android platforms where you hire cooks, cook all kinds of dishes, and make massive amounts of cash. Your goal is to hire as many cooks as you can to cook as many dishes (including rare ones) as possible, then hire waitresses and delivery drivers to haul the dishes off and bring back the cash. You can also earn Supercash, open brand new restaurants, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Cook!

Once you open a new production line, the first thing you need to do is hire a chef, but keep an eye on their abilities, too. If you don’t like their abilities, hire a new chef with better abilities, and swap chefs around from line to line as needed if you’re going to make use of specific abilities such as 90% price drops for upgrades. Use the Overview screen to activate your chefs all at once, or tap on their individual ability buttons to do so simultaneously.

Speed your upgrades along by hitting the “Upgrade 1x” button at the top of the screen and changing it to either 10x, 100x, or MAX. The upgrade bar shows you when your next boost occurs (levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, etc), so use it as your guide when deciding which station to max out.

However, be sure to keep your waitstaff and your delivery drivers up to high enough levels to deal with the output from your chefs. If you slack off on the waitresses, then they won’t be able to carry all of the food that the cooks generate. If you fall behind with the delivery drivers, then the waitress station will become backlogged with cash due to food that can’t be delivered.

As you go further into the game, more expansion options become available. You can found a new restaurant in the map area, or go on an expedition. Scroll to the right on the map and you will also see that banks, treasure suites, and research stations are available when you have enough money to purchase them.

You can also prestige, which is done based on how much cash you have, and which multiplies everything that you have by a set amount (4x for the first prestige, for example). The way it’s set up, there’s no point in waiting for longer than you have to. Prestige as soon as you can.

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