Stickman Snow Ride: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Stickman Snow Ride is a new iOS and Android game that challenges you to beat other players in snowboard races while upgrading every facet of your money-earning and coin-earning ability. Your goal is to get first place while collecting coins, both within the level and outside of it. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, and tricks for Stickman Snow Ride!

Racing itself is simple, but there are many ways to crash out by overcomplicating things. The main thing to avoid is running into rocks and trees, because they will end your run right away; instead, you want to go off of the jumps to get a boost. Complete a successful flip by holding down on the screen to backflip and letting your finger off the screen once you’re back upright again to get an even greater speed boost.

Use your upgrades wisely. Upgrade your max speed in order to increase the maximum speed of your character, which can lead to much easier victories off of sustained speed. Boost power-ups increase your gained speed after a successful flip. Money earning power ups increase the overall amount of money that you earn in a level. If you have an internet connection, pretty soon something will have an offer to watch a video ad for a free upgrade, without having to spend any coins.

If you run into another rider from the side, your character will punch them, knocking them out of the race. Punch as many riders as you can in one race in order not only to have the best chance to win, but to complete the “Punch x riders in a single race” quest.

You’ll see in various levels a ramp on top of a platform that you can’t get to unless you jump off of a specific lower ramp and boost to it. A flip boost alone won’t get you there; flip off of every jump before it, and make sure to have your top speed and boost upgraded. The higher the upgrade level of those two things, the better your chances of landing on a platform and being able to jump off an elevated ramp, which will allow you to do double and triple flips easily.

Finish in first place to earn the most coins that you possibly can. First place will earn you 10x the coins that you normally would earn, while second place earns you a 5x coins multipler, and third place earns a 2x coin multiplier. Finishing in fourth or worse, or not finishing at all but crashing out, will result in no coin multipliers. You can always multiply your earnings by 2x by watching an ad video as long as you have a ready internet connection.

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