Ragdoll Dismounting: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Ragdoll Dismounting is a new stickman game reminiscent of some of the best old Newgrounds games from back in the golden age of the internet. Your goal is simply to dismount your stickman in the goriest, bloodiest ways possible. The more pain you cause to your stickman, the more points you earn at the end of the level.

You also earn coins depending on how much damage you do, and those coins can then be used to purchase new characters, vehicles for your character to dismount from, props that can allow even more damage to be done, and new maps.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Ragdoll Dismounting!

To dismount at the highest possible speed, tap the start button and hold it until the bar goes all the way around, or as close to all the way around as you can. The faster you go, the easier it is to break your stickman and earn a lot of points.

If you don’t get off to a fast enough start, you can hit the reset button to start over again with no penalty. It’s usually best not to reset, though, unless you get off to such a slow start that you literally are about to score zero points.

After a dismount, you can watch an ad video to triple your coin earnings instantly, as long as you have an internet connection. The video offer isn’t worth it if you’ve had a mediocre run, but it’s extremely worth it if you’ve either had a record-setting run, or close to it, and thus have earned a lot of coins.

Coins can be spent on a lot of different things. Vehicles allow your character to ride to their death, and many of the even come with an ejection function for more carnage. Props give them something to run into or through. New characters change the appearance of the character, but not the gameplay.

Another thing that you can buy is a new level, but before you do, take the video offers that allow you to try out a level for free. Tap on any of the unpurchased levels (red dots) to see a preview of the entire level, as well. Stay away from buying useless levels that make it tough to do damage.

The right combination of vehicle, stage, and prop can earn you high scores, but there are just as many lame combinations that end up being completely worthless for points and coins.

More expensive ones usually tend to be better, but watch what the stage, prop, or vehicle actually is and try to guess how effective it will be before you actually purchase it.

An example of a cheap, very effective combo is shopping cart with the starting stairs map and no props. Any vehicle that’s powered by something (e.g. truck, motorcycle, or rocket) is almost always effective. Any prop that’s explosive or leads to speed boosts is universally effective.

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