Idle Tap Strongman: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Idle Tap Strongman is a new idle tycoon game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a strongman who pulls various heavy objects down the street, and your goal is to earn as much money as possible while doing so.

You can upgrade your speed and strength, pull heavier and heavier objects, and get all kinds of fans to give you money for doing so.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Tap Strongman!

Your strongman will automatically earn you money throughout the game, but there is one way to earn money manually. Tap on the screen frequently to double the speed of your strongman. You only have to tap every five seconds or so to keep the speed doubled perpetually.

You have three upgrades that you can do throughout the game to keep your money maxed out. One of them is to upgrade the Object, which changes what your strongman is dragging, and also earns you more coins for every bonus that a fan throws at you.

The second upgrade is for speed. This changes your speed whether you are tapping or not tapping. The faster you go, the more fans you’ll pass, and therefore the better the bonuses that you will get.

The third upgrade is to your fans. With each upgrade, more and more fans will show up. That means that you’ll get more bonuses condensed into smaller areas, so that the more you walk, the more bonuses you will get.

When you gain a level, you’ll get a significant money bonus. Tap on the video button to earn as much as you can from that bonus. Every time you see a bonus offer from a video, tap it, unless it’s for a very small number of coins.

Look for other ad bonuses to pop up, too. You can watch a video to double your income for five minutes in a row. You can also watch an ad video to earn double for every level that you gain, compared to how much you would normally earn.

Whenever you see some sort of random shape fly by with a video ad next to it, tap it and you will pop a video up. When the video pops up, you’ll get chased by some rather monstrous looking creatures, such as the hot dog dude above. You’ll gain money rapidly, and experience will be gained quickly, as well.

Whenever you go offline for awhile, you’ll get an offline income pop-up when you come back to the game. You have two options here. You can either tap on the video button to increase the amount of income that you get, or you can refuse the video to take the given amount of offline income.

Watch the video and you’ll triple the income earned once you finish the video. You will earn triple the income when the video ends. You need an internet connection in order to load the video, so be sure to come back from a long period offline when you have a strong connection so that you can load the video every time.

You can unlock new worlds at various points in the game. The first one, which is the Sci-Fi world, begins at level 15. This level comes quickly, so when you unlock level 15, tap on the Sci-Fi world to receive it.

Since this one does come so quickly, count on new worlds to be added to the game whenever it is updated. Each one that’s successfully added will enable you to unlock a new world at a specific experience level, so keep leveling up and you will end up at that new world eventually.

Once you head to the Sci-Fi world, or any other new world, everything will start over from the beginning, and it will be tougher to get to the point of upgrading. However, aside from the scenery, all of the gameplay elements are the same, so just keep doing what you did on the first world in order to level up and gain a ton of money.

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