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Lifting Hero: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Lifting Hero is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that is inspired by a similar game on Roblox. your goal is to lift weights and grow as big as possible, and you can sell your lifting points for money. You can then use that money to upgrade your character and your weight, lift even larger and heavier objects, and grow even faster. Eventually, you can earn millions and billions of dollars worth of cash and grow even bigger than the world itself.

Read on for tips and cheats for Lifting Hero!

The lifting takes place when you tap the screen, but, even if you don’t have to scream, your character will lift weights; they will just lift it a little bit slower than they otherwise would have. You can use upgrades to increase the speed of idle lifting as well.

In order to grow bigger at a faster rate, you have to upgrade the objects that your character lifts. Do you have two methods of upgrading this. These upgrades can be purchased using the money that you earn for selling your lifting points, or they can be accomplished for free by watching an advertisement video.

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The fastest way to get the highest upgrades to your lifting implement is to do the advertisement videos, because they only take about 30 seconds apiece, which is far shorter than it would take to earn the lifting points to upgrade them. Keep doing this, and within about an hour, you will have the largest object in the game.

You will earn off-line income for every minute that you aren’t playing the game, so come back after a while and collect it. The higher that your upgrade level and skills are, the more off-line income, that you will be able to earn per minute. There is also no limit to the amount of off-line income you can earn.

In order to game the system and earn your idle income faster, you can go to the date and time section on your phone and set the time ahead by however long you want. It doesn’t matter how far ahead you set the time, you will earn lifting points and size corresponding to the amount of time that you were off-line.

Be sure to continually update your lifting speed, income, and other stats as well, not just the object. these, just like the other upgrades, can be improved by using either your money or by watching a free advertisement video.