Skip to Content War – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide War is a new tank-eat-tank game for the iOS and Android as well as for browsers. Your goal is to eat a bunch of dots and grow big, then eventually to grow big enough that you can start eating other tanks. From there you can grow bigger and bigger to become the dominant tank in your world. Read on for some tips and tricks for War!

You start off small and almost immediately you are surrounded by large tanks. All that you can do at this point is to eat as many dots as you can. Each dot that you eat is worth one point, and causes your tank to grow slightly. While you are in this situation, the safest area to hang out is at the edge of a level, because you are less likely to come across large tanks there.

In addition, when you are small, hang out near the bumpers. Circle them when you are being chased by another tank, because if they hit the bumper, they will bounce off and away from you. If you hit a bumper, as well, you will bounce off and away from them, but be careful where you bounce, so that you do not accidentally bounce into another tank and die.

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If you die once, you will have the chance to revive where you were by watching an ad. If you die a second time after that, though, you will not have that chance. You will have to simply restart from the beginning as a tiny little tank again, and try to get to where you were before.

Once you are big enough, you will be able to split your tank in half in order to launch at high speed at another tank. If you hit the split button when your tank is too small, though, it will do nothing. Be on the lookout for tanks that are just a little bit bigger than you as they are the most likely to try this strategy on you. Tanks that are far larger than you are less likely to do this as they have less to gain from splitting to eat you.

The ads can drive a person crazy in this game. Go to the home screen and you can purchase ad-free mode for a couple of dollars. Otherwise, there is no way to get rid of the ads in this game. You’ll just have to keep playing and letting the ads go so that you can start over again.