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Stickman Combat: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Stickman Combat, also stylized in the app store as Stickman Warior Combat (the spelling is intentional), is a new level-based stickman side-scrolling fighting game where you battle it out against other fighters, collect coins, and upgrade your guy. You can buy all kinds of skins for cosmetic reasons, spend coins to actually gain power and hit points, and more.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Stickman Combat, known also as Stickman Warior Combat!

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Combat in this game is fairly straightforward. You walk through a level, you have the ability to jump, double jump, and dash. Using the attack button, you can either use your fists or a weapon in order to beat your opponents.

Whenever you defeat an opponent, they drop coins, which you have to pick up manually. If you don’t pick up the coins before you leave the level, then you will not collect them; however, you have all the time that you want to collect them, because coins will not disappear until you pick them up.

You also have other ways of earning coins. Be sure to collect your daily reward every day, because half of the daily rewards consist of coins. Additionally, you should also spin the lucky wheel every day for a good chance at coins.

After you finish a level or collect each of these rewards, you will have the opportunity to double the coins that you earn by watching an advertisement video. This video lasts between 30 seconds and one minute, and when it finishes, your coin total will be doubled.

Coins can be used to purchase either cosmetic enhancements, or to level up your character in order to increase their hit points and attack power. Leveling up your character will especially help as you get deeper into the game and play tougher levels. The early levels are fairly easy to be, but the later ones can be very difficult.

The cosmetic enhancements that you can purchase consist of skins. Some skins can be purchased with coins, while others can be unlocked by watching a specific number of advertisement videos in the gift section. None of these skins provide any change to the gameplay, other than changing your appearance.

The exception to this is the prestige skins, which come with their own weapon that you start to level with. Not only will the weapon increase your attack power, but it will also give you a long range attacking ability, making the game significantly easier.

So how do you unlock the prestige skins? There is no way to unlock them within the shop. If you want to unlock them, then beat the entire game and then start over again.

If you want to play the game add free, then close the game, put your phone into airplane mode, and then start the game again. This will prevent ads from loading, so you will simply be able to play the game without any interruptions. You won’t be able to do any of the voluntary ad video offers, though.


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